Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Greenie Meanie

This is a post of some firsts

Now, don't worry about the water glass in the back, the Game Informer mags (which belong to L, I promise) or the Thin Mint cookies (can I blame them on him, too?). That's not the focus of the picture. But that yummy Green Monster Margarita is!  I originally found this from Clair on her blog Finding Clairity, a recipe she shared from Angela's Green Monster Movement. I will admit that I, too, was very scared of this roaring green beverage. I wanted to try it. Well, more like I wanted to want to try it. Eventually I said "you know what? Just do it! This might help you be healthy!" I have to use a lot of exclamations when I talk to myself because I use a lot of emphasis. If I don't, I won't listen to myself.

So I did it. The one posted on her website is for a post-workout (check-yes!) banana (every smoothie should have a banana base) and pumpkin (I LOVE this, even outside of Christmas time) concoction. Plus some green, of course. I didn't have everything, so the recipe below is my adaptation of Clair's adaptation.

My FIRST Greenie Meanie Green Monster

1 cup frozen spinach
1 quite ripe banana
*1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
14 drops liquid Stevia (because the yogurt has more flavor to sweeten than other milk products)
1 liberal dash of salt
1 good bit of pumpkin pie spice (because I never seem to have all of the necessary pumpkin flavors. I'm not sure what happens to them - sometimes I can find nutmeg in my cupboard, sometimes ground cloves, but never both that the same time)

I really love pumpkin so I added more after tasting it. It's all to taste, really.

Directions: blend!

Isn't that easy?? Just make sure you blend it well because you don't want to be chomping on the spinach. It's just there for health and base.

 The other reason I was excited to try this is because I recently won a giveaway (also from Finding Clairity) and just yesterday got it in the mail! I got 3 bottles of liquid Stevia from Nu Naturals - vanilla, lemon and orange. Clair posts so many delicious looking recipes made healthier by using liquid Stevia instead of sugar and I have been dying to try them! I'm serious, you should go check out her recipes - they are amazing! Or so they sound/look. And she says so and I trust her completely. The Stevia was awesome - it did sweeten my smoothie. I'm not saying this was delish right off the bat - it definitely took a few bites to get use to. Around bite (yes, I keep saying bite because I ate it with a spoon. Again, thick Greek yogurt vs. another milk product will do this) 3 or 4 I started to come around. For my first attempt at a Green Monster I was very satisfied.

This is great for a post-workout beverage. The banana gives you the sugar and potassium, plus protein and calcium from the Greek yogurt - just straight health all around.

I know you don't really *want* to try it, but when I tell you that it tastes good, how could you not be curious enough to give it a whirl?

"My entry into Once Upon a Weekend sponsored by Appliances Online and their FridgeFreezers."


  1. I just recently had my first-ever green monster, too! I thought it was quite delicious as well. :)

  2. monster margarita is such a good idea!

    You are just the very sweetest. I'm glad you won the giveaway and I'm glad you loved the monster.

    I agree that the taste sometimes needs getting used to...even now, the spinach flavor sometimes throws me off. But it's just such an easy way to sneak in greens, ya know?


  3. It's funny, but the spinach doesn't bother me as much as the pumpkin. I am not a pumpkin fan at all.