Monday, June 18, 2012

My First Award!

I would like to thank Priscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl for nominating me for this award. Is it really a nomination? I feel more like I won - so really she CHOSE me! So awesome :)

Okay so really she gave this to me something like a week ago - but I've been busy being versatile. Did you know that red velvet cake is really difficult to make? I need to make one for a wedding cake Wednesday and have made two failed attempts. Hopefully this next attempt will be "the one" because I am getting really close. The problem is, I'm trying to make it naturally using beets and not a quarter cup of red food dye. Anyway - here are
Okay so 7 random things about myself:
     ~ I may or may not be allergic to coconut. I still don't know.  Twice I have had some strange allergic reaction to things made with coconut, but there are a handful of times I have had coconut with no reaction. Is it bad that I keep tempting fate?
     ~ I have strange OCD that kicks in every now and then. I hate when things are uneven - so if I hit my right arm on something sometimes I'll hit my left arm too just to make it even. There's a funny story about how that developed but that's for another time.
     ~ I have all sorts of joint problems even though I'm young. I've been tested for all sorts of arthritis and other diseases but nobody can figure out what's wrong with me. Other than apparently I tested positive for Lyme's Disease once and the doctors never told me - so I get tested again and it's gone. I am a medical mystery.
     ~ I am literally a foot and a half shorter than L. I am 5'1" and he is 6'7". I'll do the math - it's 18 inches. That really is a foot and a half.
     ~ You're lucky I did the math because, although I'm a math teacher, I often refuse to do math when not teaching. I don't know why. Clearly I could easily calculate things in my head but I don't want to. In fact, I was recently starting a project and told myself I needed 5 feet of fabric per seat. Then I went into the store and bought 10 yards of fabric because when I walked in I started thinking in terms of yards and just knew I needed 5 for each side. It worked out in my favor though. You'll see why later.
     ~ I have a lot of international friends from a Girl Scout camp I worked at for years so sometimes I think in terms of Brit speak. Anytime someone says "khaki pants" I want to tell them what it means to the other half of English speakers in this world. Whenever people talk about a torch I immediately think flashlight and not something involving fire.
     ~ I have a tendency to take on the voice of whatever I'm reading. This isn't limited to people I know. If I'm reading a book, any thoughts I have that day will be thought just the way the writer writes. If I write a post directly after reading someone else's, I feel like I write in their voice. Maybe I should look into ghostwriting?

Well there you have it - 7 things you probably didn't know about me before. Now on to my nominations.

First, to Clair @ Finding Clairity
Second, Cullen, Oliver and Topher @ AndTopherToo
Nicole @ Baking Bites
Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

How many is that? I didn't do the math....


  1. How interesting to read these things about you, Brynn. I already told Priscilla that I knew you "in real life". I thought it was quite a coincidence that you and I "knew" the same blogger. Good luck with the wedding cake.
    Did you hear that Archie will be principal at Fleming?

  2. How fun! I love these things. I have the SAME OCD...did I give it to you? =)

    Thanks for passing this on to me. I did one a little while ago, so I probably won't do it again. But it was so great to read yours!