Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat and Happy

L and I have this saying when we've been completely satiated with a delicious meal. Fat and Happy. Fat and Happy. We are fat and we are happy. Deliciously so.

So I need to confess - I gained 10 POUNDS during vacation. You know what that means? It was a great vacation!

The thing is, I'm not worried because I know I can drop this in a matter of a week if I wanted, 2 without much trying.

Please don't hate me.

Here's what I've found on my healthcapade: I'm only trying to please myself, noone else. If I have more energy, more confidence, and fewer blemishes when I'm being good to myself, then those are exact reasons I should continue. If I'm on vacation and it feels better to take a week and enjoy local foods, desserts and drinks (because c'mon, we were in Curacao- a totally Caribbean island. How could you not drink?) then that's what I should do. It's about making myself feel good.

If I had told myself a year ago I would be fine with gaining 10 pounds in a week, I'd have scoffed "Not this girl. She's not someone who can be okay with that." But now I am. Because I'm in a healthier place, it's easy for me to get back to my healthy place. I'm back at the gym, back on my runs, back to work, which means no more sitting around snacking all day.  Is it ironic that I bought my first ever bikini  for this trip and now am saying it doesn't phase me that I've gained the weight. I always struggle with my body image but I am really trying to just do what makes me feel good and not care about what others think. I love myself and my body has a lot going for it.

I can't find it now, but I came across a woman who gave up caring about what others thought, bought a bikini and did her own photo shoot. I also searched "fat girls in bikinis" and realized that most of those girls, being so harshly judged, actually looked really good. Really good. If they could do it, so could I.

So from this "fat" girl, who bought a bikini and then gained 10 lbs during vacation, I will revert back to the mantra I came up with so long ago: I am living well.

Be fat when you want, be happy always.

*and if you want to see more photos of Curacao and our vacation, you can find them here*


  1. This is a beautiful well written and inspiring.

    Also, I would bet that most of those 10 pounds are water weight and will melt off. I usually gain 3-4 pounds every time I go home for a long weekend and lose it quickly.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. First off, you are not fat and you are beautiful. Second, what a great, healthy state of mind! I wish that American magazines/pop culture/media would promote THIS body image rather than the one where you have to be skin-and-bones to be happy. It's all about feeling good about yourself, feeling healthy, and knowing you are beautiful all the time!