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Camo Cake with Melted Chocolate
Button flowers with hearts
Christmas variety
Halloween variety
Valentine's with chocolate hearts
First fondant cake
Pink Camo Cake
Sandcastle Cake

Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan

What Wilton's Warents and my first Wilton's course, class 1. Two very different stories. 

This was my first ever for-sale cake, hired by a client for a boy's birthday. Meet the Wrestling Cake

These are two recent cake experiments - ice cream cake and my first fondant covered cake

Pictures of the various cakes I have made in the past year - most of these I made at Food Lion and a few on my own. Enjoy the beginnings of my hobby! (10/2010-10/2011)

Getting Ready for Cars2!

Can't flip it.
Learned to write in Chinese!

Cupcakes for the Bride and Groom

The Bride - made out of chocolate

The Groom - also made out chocolate

Go Diego Go


Seasame Street


Seasame Street


I was rooting for the Steelers

How to Train Your Dragon

This cake was for L's birthday. It was my first time doing anything with fondant: I covered the ball (which was also the first time I carved cake - I did not use one of those pre-existing ball pans) and did the laces as well as the P (supposed to look like Phillies). The base lines were made from crushed up graham cracker snacks. The field is speckled because he loves confetti cake and icing.  
L's birthday cake

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