Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update: It's Not Going So Well

With only two weeks to go, the quest to get ready for my first 5K is not going so well. It seems like things keep getting in the way but I know that I'm probably just making excuses. You decide:

It goes like this: I signed up for a cardio-weight training class on Tuesdays/Thursdays. So far I haven't missed it. But my other days are supposed to be spent running and that's where things go wrong. I tend to work 6-7days a week on top of planning lessons and grading quizzes. I also coach a Destination Imagination team which means I am after school until about 5:30 two or three days a week. Then take the hour it takes to get home and sometimes I am just too tired or too busy to run. The Friday I definitely could have gone to the gym - left school around 6 and being a Friday I didn't need to do the housework or school work. But instead I went on a double date. Dinner was delicious, drinks were divine and the camaraderie was captivating. So great night - until Saturday morning when I felt guilty for not running and instead stuffing my face. It shouldn't be that way!

I HAVE been doing my long runs each week but I don't know if they count as long runs if you don't do your short runs too, right? So this weekend I said it didn't matter if I have worked all week and have to work all day Saturday and Sunday - I am definitely going to the gym to run. WRONG! Thanks to AAU Basketball, the gym is closed both days. The entire gym? My treadmill interferes with basketball? Ugh! No big deal, the weather isn't bad so I'll just run outside. Except that it won't stop raining. So what is a girl to do? I'll just dress the part and hope osmosis does the rest.

Now Monday I am supposed to run 3 miles but I haven't ran since last Monday AND I have practice until 5:30 and agreed to judge a MACC competition from 6 to 7. It is going to be long, long week. I really need to find the motivation to keep going these next couple weeks.

On a lighter note - I am in a quest to create a new Hazelnut Coffee icing to start a line of "breakfast cupcakes." Not that I have time for this, either. Hopefully over the summer I can really focus on my baked goods. With everything I have going on, I may have to push this Wilton's class back another month. January is SUCH a long month and money is short.You know how it is.

I'll let you know how it's going!


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way...don't feel guilty! Just resolve to do it when it's right, and make your time there meaningful.

    Worst case scenario, you'll walk your 5K. It's still a great accomplishment!

    P.S. I am amazed that you have any time at all for the gym with all your other commitments. You are such a busy girl...kudos!

    1. Oh my gosh, I want this reply did you get it?!

    2. I think it's something they added with the new interface - I didn't do anything special! If I saw correctly you have a reply option now too :)

      And thanks for the support - after I read this page I started thinking to myself "you still go to the gym at LEAST 3 days a week - that's a lot for most people. Hell, that was a lot for you just a couple months ago." It sort of put it all into perspective XXX