Monday, January 30, 2012

1 Week Left!

Alright I am less than one week out from my first 5K! I ran today outside. I SWEAR the Huckleberry Trail is uphill, both ways! I used my Nike+ (you remember, the one I got for Christmas?), which I am LOVING! I did a 5K distance and it took me 35 minutes and 49 seconds. This is awesome for me! I thought my 5K goal time would be under 45 minutes but I think my new goal is under 35 minutes. It is at the beach, remember, so it's pretty flat. This is the third or so time that I've set a new personal best. Apparently I run a lot faster outside than I do on the treadmill, so this run gave me an average pace of 11:28. As somebody who use to walk, very slowly, around the field during recess because she HATED to run, I'm really happy with my progress. Although I don't have any races planned until April (when I'll do the 3.2 for 32 at Virginia Tech) I think my next goal will be to try to get under a 10 minute mile. I feel like I could do that for just 1 mile, but to then draw it out to a long period of time - that will be the goal setting part. I'm loving being a "runner." Anyway, I have no fear now that I'll be able to complete this 5K! Here's to one month and one goal down for 2012!!

I know it's strange to have a blog with no pictures but I don't have anything related to this post. I need to get you some pictures of the trail - it's so gorgeous and it has this awesomely old, wooden, covered bridge that smells like the boardwalk. I just love that bridge. The run itself was great. It was hard, definitely, but it was cool and the sun was going down so sweating was minimal and the air was nice and crisp. Mmm running in the winter with just a t-shirt. Love!

And so because I have no picture that is actually related to this post, here's how I feel about myself right now :) And I can remember a great day with one of my bffs and my neph.


  1. Good for you, Brynn. I'd like to do that walk at Tech, too. I need to look into it.