Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dinner

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Easter with some loved ones: family, friends, pets, or even a beloved TV show. I got a little bit of everything. Well, except pets - I don't have one of those right now.

Of course I had to work today. But before I left, I put the lamb in the crock pot. See, my family always had ham on Easter but L is not a real big fan. It's also fun to start our own traditions and you can't get much more traditional than lamb on Easter. (Notice I used the word 'than' because it was a comparative statement. I hate when people use 'then' when 'than' is called for.) So I assumed I would use garlic and rosemary on my crock pot lamb before I made it. I've never cooked lamb before, nor have I used rosemary, yet somehow I knew those would be my seasonings. When I got home from work last night to find a recipe, that of course was the first one I found.

Work was good today. I was there for almost 7 hours but I didn't really do 7 hours worth of work. That made it okay. I came home and finished cooking. I also showered because I was greasy from all of the icing I used. At work. Where I decorate cakes. Yes, I'm also a teacher. I know, I have too many hobbies but I love them all!

Okay so back to the food: I made mashed bourbon sweet potatoes, corn casserole, and a red wine reduction and lemon basmati rice to go with the lamb. I linked all the recipes separately, but I can't say I really followed them. I just used them all as a guide and went with it. I also made crescent rolls. I was going to make fresh biscuits but I've never made those before, either, and decided it was too much work to go through at that time. It was a good decision. L made the green beans. He soaked 'em, cut 'em and put 'em in the pot.

Delicioso. It's not really the most artistic picture, but believe me it tasted good. So good I had a (small) plate of seconds. Yumm!

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