Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Years Resolution - starting NOW!

Whew. I'm exhausted. Just thinking about the past year and a half is enough to wear me down. I've been working three jobs, and some pretty (relatively) big things have happened in two of those jobs that I felt like I spent all of last year playing catch-up. I'm glad to say that I am finally in a position where I was able to get ride of one of those jobs and will have more time to blog. I've had so many things to write about and they just never happened. Let's take a look at the past year or so:
I became a Wilton Method Instructor! This was a dream job. I love teaching and I love decorating, so why not take on a job that combined both? I know I blogged about the courses as I took them. As I was taking the classes, one instructor left and we had a substitute come in from another town, but she couldn't continue working at two stores. She noticed my talent (I had been practicing for years at FL) and encouraged me to apply. I'm so glad I did! Although this is the job that I've since dropped, it was not because I didn't enjoy it. I loved meeting new women and men every month and enhancing my own skills. I love that I now have "cake friends" that I can depend on, share contacts with, and be passionate with. This has been a great experience.
I've increased my cake skills! I made this 3-tier beauty based on a similar cake from a photo the client had seen. If I had the link to the original source I would share it. See under the Cake Page pictures of some of the other cool cakes I've made.
I went to DUBAI! I've been waiting almost a full year to write numerous blog posts about our amazing trip, the great tours we did with Orient Tours, and the best part of the trip - I got engaged! The whole week was so mind-numbing and I can't wait to write more specifically about it. For now, enjoy these photos. You can check out the rest of the Dubai photos here.

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