Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I love fall :)

"If God isn't a Hokie, then why do the leaves turn maroon and orange in the fall?"

Reason 1: Atmosphere
I love the colors of the leaves as they change. Not only do most of them turn maroon and orange, but it just gives such beauty to my long drives (35 mins to work or 7 hours home, they're all long drives). Everything reminds me of Virginia Tech, of God's work, and just renews my love of life. I know spring is the season that breathes new life in the world, but doesn't that make fall Grandmother of Wisdom? Sure, everything may be old, and a lot of it is probably falling apart, but with all of that comes so much power and hope that we shall be in that position one day.

I also LOVE the crisp air that comes with fall. Chilly, cold, and not something I feel like I can eat - as opposed to last week when the air was so thick and humid I didn't need to drink any glasses of water. It reminds me of being a kid and going troop camping at Camp Mosey Wood. I love waking up in a tent to cold air, seeing my breath. I used to call it "my air" and wondered so many times if there was a way to bottle it up and hold on to it forever. I go back to that place every year :)

As I was walking to my car on the way home from work this evening, I couldn't help but wish I was coming back to the football game. This weather is just perfect for long sleeves, hot cider, and football.

Reason 2: Activities
Football. My favorite sport. Pro, college, high school: they all have their wonders. How exciting is it to cheer on your teem with hundreds or thousands of people who have the same goal? I love it. Sports in general bring people together and it is so amazing to me how winning a game really means so much more than that.

I also want to go to a farm. I want to run through a corn maze, take a tractor ride to the pumpkins or through a haunted forest. I want to eat a hot dog and drink hot cider. I want to buy a whole gallon of farm-fresh cold cider. I want to sit outside with a pumpkin latte, pumpkin roll, or anything pumpkin related and just enjoy.

Reason 3: It's almost winter.
I love Christmas - it's my favorite holiday. I love snow. I love being with family. I love my birthday, L's birthday and our anniversary. I love Thanksgiving. Everything I love about fall is so much better because I know it doesn't go away when it's done, it just goes into another wonderful season. And tonight, L has stuck in my head "shall I play for him? pa rum pa pum pum. On my drum"

Enjoy your time :)

PS This is why I could never live anywhere other than a 4-season state. I love the seasons. Their changes make me happy with what's to come and I would really miss that anywhere else.


  1. You know I love that first picture? How did you get such a perfect picture of those trees? May I borrow that for my blog?

  2. Absolutely! In fact, I have to admit that, while I do have pictures like that (I love campus in the fall and took them for an art class) they are on my old computer so I borrowed this one from someone else.