Sunday, July 22, 2012

My New Airbrush!

I have been wanting to buy an airbrush for cake decorating. I've been wanting this for about 16 months. It takes me that long to decide to actually make purchases. Anyway, this is not the one I wanted, but it seemed more "all-inclusive" for the same price so I went with it. It is a duel action, gravity-fed, elephant compressor airbrush. I can't tell you what company actually makes them ( I got mine from ebay from the Eastwood Company) but it's not American - there's no real instructions and the paper it comes with has poor grammar and sentence structure. I'm not judging or complaining, just stating the fact.

You can look on the Cake Page and see that I'm pretty handy with an airbrush. I thought this would be easy peasy airbrush squeezy. Eh, not so much. First, I wasn't 100% sure on how to put the thing together. I had to look it up online since the instructions were incomplete. Then, attaching the small cup (it comes with an open 5cc metal cup and a closed 22cc glass jar) didn't seem very secure. It never fell off, though, so I guess it's pretty tight. I've only used it once, though, so there's still plenty of time I suppose.

Then, as I began my airbrushing, I spilled some of the blue airbrush color out of the small cup. I wasn't really thinking about how this airbrush differs from the one at work, so I wasn't being as careful as I should have. What was going to be a Philadelphia themed cake just stopped as a post 4th of July cake.

It is also difficult to clean. I was trying to get rid of the blue to switch to the red, and it seemed like I couldn't quite get it all out. Even after I put the red in, it took a while for it come through. Also, the location of the hole from which the airbrush pulls the color from the cup is up sort of high. That means I have to put more color in the cup than I would ever need. This is slightly annoying to a penny pincher like myself, but I was able to pour some of the unused color back into the bottle.

 It is going to take some getting used to as it's a little different than my work airbrush, but I really like it. It's releatively quiet because it's so small, it's cuite to look at, and the spray control seems to really do it's job - I can get really thin lines or larger streaks. I think it is going to do it's job nicely. As I use it more, I will let you know if it lives up to expectations.

**Note, this is not a sponsered review. I am just updating you with the latest addition to my cake decorating hobby.**


  1. something that would be so difficult for me. Can't wait to see what wonderful things you do with it. I bet you'll make back the investment with all the cakes you sell! =)

  2. You could displace the volume in the bottom of the cup by getting whiskey rocks and in turn using less color.

  3. Get some whiskey stones to displace your colouring in the cup to use less ( ).