Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

L and I are spending this blustery evening curled up on the couch - he's flipping through movies on the telly and I'm writing application essays, blog posts and facebook chats. We both realized we were thirsty but too comfy to get up and get something. So, what's the obvious solution? Rock, Paper, Scissors! It's something we've done for years now when neither of us really wants to do something - usually over stupid things like going downstairs for snacks, getting drinks or checking to see if the door is locked. It's cute and we always play best out of three. It's one of the many silly things that makes us a great couple. We are ever afraid of looking stupid or being ridiculous and acting like children. We love to wrestle, irritate each other with singing or tickling feet, and dance wildly to music in our heads. He's my best friend and we're made for each other.

What silly/lovable/coupley things do you do with your loved ones?


  1. Oh gosh...Joe and I probably have too many to list! And he'd kill me if I posted half of them in public. ;-)

    One of the things I love though, is that we will sometimes tell bedtime stories to each other if one of us is having a hard time falling asleep. So fun. =)