Thursday, September 24, 2009

My First Blog

This is my first blog. I have a lot of ideas throughout the day that I just wish I could share with people. Sometimes things I think are funny, other times they are thought provoking, or maybe they deal with current issues. Many of the blogs will involve issues in education or society. Either way, please respond to these blogs so we can have a discussion and get insight into how we are all thinking.

My first thought is this:

We talk about "The Girl Problem" in math- why do girls not speak up in the classroom? My thought is that in middle school (where many of the differences in math begin), girls are under tons of societal pressures. Their main concern is how people are judging them, especially their bodies. Girls tend not to speak up in the math classroom because, with the world constantly looking at them and evaluating how they look, their minds are the one thing they can keep sacred. If they begin to share their thoughts, the world has yet another thing that they can use to judge these venerable young women.


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    here is a link to my blog...lame title, i know, but i've posted some stuff in there

  3. Actually, in a few of my classes, the girls can be some of the most vocal ones. It seems like some of my girls are the most motivated students I have.

  4. Yeah lat year my girls were definitely vocal, but this year they are very shy. It is hard for me to get most of them to talk.